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All Inclusive Service Plans

As an all inclusive support plan member you receive access to ‘all you can eat support’. This means for a flat monthly fee all of your technology support needs are met. Stop debating if an issue is serious enough to warrant calling the ‘IT Guy’. Since every month’s bill is the same you can plan your IT costs and we are incentivized to make sure your operations run smoothly day in and day out.

All Inclusive Plans Include:

Gold Plan

Platinum Plan

All support plans are priced according to the size and requirements of your business. Contact a BetterITS support specialist to choose the plan that’s right for you.

The special features such as call forwarding and conferencing are alot simpler, and it's great to be able to program the phone via our PCs. Nice work & thanks for the smooth and seamless transition with the new system. I expect that this will be a great improvement for all of us! – Richard N. Wies
Gregg Wies & Gardner Architects LLC