We know what it takes to make a successful network. Our telecommunications team has years of experience working with a wide variety of clients to install the networks that work for them. We provide the best quality components, the right configurations, and superior support. And we never oversell.

As your business grows, your network can grow with you. All our networks are designed to incorporate alterations at the lowest cost and with the least possible downtime.

We sell and install components from major brand manufacturers including Dell, Hewlett-Packard, 3Com, and others. And, because safety is important, all BetterITS computer networks include comprehensive security protection.

We are committed to providing our clients with the best in computer networking services. From the first step to the last, let us keep you connected!

BetterITS is a one-stop shop for all your networking needs. We design, install, and support computer networks and systems to fit any project or budget. Whether connecting multiple workers in one office, connecting multiple offices, or creating a home office with access to the company network, we can help.


A local area network allows people working together in the same physical space to share information and resources over a common network. Printers, scanners, and other devices can be connected for convenience and efficiency. Software applications and storage space on one or more servers can all be configured for use by multiple users.

In addition, LANs feature advanced security options allowing for varying degrees of access dependent upon each user’s authority and job requirements. These restrictions can be configured for the unique needs of each client.

We design and install both wired and wireless LANs. Wireless LANs use radio signals instead of cables to connect network components, eliminating the cost of cabling and electrical installations. Additionally, notebook computers and other portable devices can easily access wireless networks. Advanced security technology protects your wireless network from unauthorized access. The BetterITS telecommunications department can install any infrastructure needed to support either type of network.


Wide area networks link network components over greater distances than LANs. Clients with multiple offices can connect them together for efficient communication and resource sharing. Home offices can be set up to allow users to work from home exactly as they would from their office. WANs are connected via the Internet using secure VPN technology.


Virtual private networks allow users to connect to an office network remotely. Clients can log on to their office networks from anywhere they have Internet access and use network resources as if they are right at their desk. VPN are essential for clients who travel a lot. VPN communication is protected by advanced security technology.

BetterITS VPNs use enterprise class software to make remote network access both functional and cost-effective. Remote Desktop is included in Microsoft Windows and it makes working remotely just like working at a user’s own office workstation.

Contact a BetterITS networking specialist and let us keep you connected.