The BetterITS consulting team can help you answer these questions and many others. We perform complete evaluations, or “audits”, of computer needs and provide written plans and recommendations to fit your needs and budget.

A BetterITS audit enables you to accurately plan your budget cycles. Clients with growing businesses use their technology planning audits to budget their expansion. Our non-profit clients have even received grants based on their audit reports.

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A good plan is the platform on which any good computer system runs. Before investing in any new technology, it’s crucial to examine your needs and goals. What do you need now? Will your needs change as your business grows? How can you make the most of the resources already at your disposal?


A BetterITS Technology Planning Audit is the cornerstone of a successful technology plan. Our team of consultants performs a comprehensive evaluation of all computer technologies a client has, their current needs, and their goals for the future.

We analyze all system hardware and software. Backup methods are evaluated for physical and procedural integrity. Network security is reviewed including access restrictions, virus protection, and protection from unauthorized access. Our team then uses this data to design the ideal network for your needs and budget.

Every BetterITS audit also includes more extensive budget planning allowing you to anticipate and prepare for necessary system upgrades and business growth. Detailed audit reports clearly describe all of the team’s findings and recommendations.

No matter what your technology needs, BetterITS can find way to save you money, now and in the future. It’s all about planning.


It’s good planning to plan for the worst. No one likes to think about the accidents or unforeseen events that could cripple your computer systems, but it’s important to be prepared.

Our disaster/recovery audits are complete evaluations of how prepared clients are in the case of disaster. This includes all unforeseen events that might effect computer operations. Equipment failures, theft by employees and others, power outages, fires and natural disasters are all included in the evaluation.

The audit team reviews all hardware and software. Data backup methods are evaluated for effectiveness and reliability. Copies of software licenses, and detailed network blueprints are prepared so items can be replaced fast.

Plans for reordering and reinstalling computer networks are made, including alternate locations in case clients are unable to return to their own offices. As always, clients receive detailed written instructions for recovery preparation.

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